123 1 2Christopher Tunstall has served in the field of social services for the past 15 years. Christopher began volunteering with Big-brothers & Big Sisters, Habitat for humanity, faith-based organizations, as well as, the city counsel of Sarasota on a Youth Advisory Board while in Highschool. As a Sophomore in high school Christopher was selected to meet with City congressman to discuss culture, activities among the youth, and brainstorm solutions to mitigate negative adolescent behaviors within Sarasota County. After high school, Christopher obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in human services from the college of Behavioral Sciences while at Southeastern University, located in Lakeland, FL.

This gave opportunity for Christopher to serve as a Licensed child-welfare case-manager throughout Hillsborough County. In addition to child welfare Mr. Tunstall has worked in mental health, behavioral health, and juvenile justice. Currently, Mr. Tunstall is the founder and director of (The Wynner’s Circle) an organization geared towards mentoring adolescents and young adults to achieve success and fulfill their destiny in life. With his experience and role as a mentor, Pastor, and Chaplain, Mr. Tunstall hopes to motivate, educate, and inspire his community by cultivating vision, purpose, dreams, and the drive to succeed.